A note from Travis Low, founder of Lows in Motion:

By the time I was born my paternal grandfather had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. His disease escalated to the later stages throughout my early childhood and, sadly, the man I came to know and love was soon no longer the man he used to be. According to those who knew my grandfather prior to his diagnosis, he was a man of integrity and compassion, someone who proudly contributed to the war effort, devoted his life to family and community, and was an all-around great guy.

Eleven years ago my father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the young age of 48. Since then our family has had the displeasure of witnessing how the progressive aspects of the disease have taken a toll on him – physically and cognitively. Going through these experiences with my father and my family at such a young age inspired me to learn more about what kinds of initiatives and causes were already in place to which my friends, family, and I could lend our support. It was from this research that Lows in Motion – a big city event with a small town feel – was born. Creating this event was the least I could do to honour my grandfather’s memory and support my dad in an effort to reduce the negative impacts of Parkinson’s disease.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you who offer your time and support to Lows in Motion year after year. We are a community-based event and each year I am humbled by the tremendous outpour of community support. Together we are leading the charge against Parkinson’s disease and that’s truly a wonderful thing.

– Travis